Anomali Cybersecurity Insights Report 2022, Your First Step Towards Cyber Resilience

Anomali is focused on helping customers to gain an advantage over the most advanced threat actors in the world. Since our inception, we’ve added innovations built on top of our global intelligence capabilities that have grown from just showing you who your adversaries are to enabling you to stop them before they have a chance to disrupt your business.

Today, the Anomali Threat Research Team reached another major milestone with the publication of the Anomali Cybersecurity Insights Report 2022. To gather and develop foundational data for this report, Anomali commissioned The Harris Poll to survey 800 Security Decision Makers across 11 countries from enterprises with 5,000 or more employees. The Anomali Threat Research team analyzed the findings to provide insights on what they mean and actionable guidance on how to overcome obstacles standing in the way of cyber resilience.

Because COVID-19 has had such a profound impact on business and cybersecurity, we queried decision makers to understand their cybersecurity postures and challenges going back to 2019. Among the top takeaways is that even with significant investments made in cybersecurity over this period, many organizations still face obstacles to achieving the level of cyber resilience needed to protect against, detect, and respond to attackers. This finding may come as no surprise to most readers, given the increased attention that the news and social media gives to data breaches and cyberattacks.

What we didn’t know though, was at what level global enterprises as a whole are being impacted. This new research reveals that in the past three years, 87 percent of enterprise security decision makers were the victims of successful cyberattacks perpetrated against them that resulted in damage, disruption, or a breach to their business. The report also puts some concrete numbers around just how much the threat landscape has ..

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