Anomali Cyber Watch: Roaming Mantis Changes DNS on Wi-Fi Routers, Hook Android Banking Trojan Has Device Take-Over Capabilities, Ke3chang Targeted Iran with Updated Turian Backdoor

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Roaming Mantis Implements New DNS Changer in Its Malicious Mobile App in 2022

(published: January 19, 2023)

In December 2022, a financially-motivated group dubbed Roaming Mantis (Shaoye) continued targeting mobile users with malicious landing pages. iOS users were redirected to phishing pages, while Android users were provided with malicious APK files detected as XLoader (Wroba, Moqhao). Japan, Austria, France, and Germany were the most targeted for XLoader downloads (in that order). All but one targeted country had smishing as an initial vector. In South Korea, Roaming Mantis implemented a new DNS changer function. XLoader-infected Android devices were targeting specific Wi-Fi routers used mostly in South Korea. The malware would compromise routers with default credentials and change the DNS settings to serve malicious landing pages from legitimate domains.Analyst Comment: The XLoader DNS changer function is especially dangerous in the context of free/public Wi-Fi that serve many devices. Install anti-virus software for your mobile device. Users should be cautious when receiving messages with a link or unwarranted prompts to install software.MITRE ATT&CK: [MITRE ATT&CK] T1078.001 - Valid Accounts: Default Accounts
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