Announcing the 2023 Kraken Transparency Report

We offer a variety of crypto products and services to over nine million clients in 190 different countries. Last year, we received data requests from law enforcement and government agencies located in 69 countries:

While these requesting agencies were spread across the federal, state, and local levels, most of the requests received were from law enforcement agencies. The most common requests for which data was provided were:

Many types of information requests are received, and Kraken has strict policies and procedures to comply with laws and regulations and protect client privacy while supplying data when we have a legal obligation to do so.

U.S. agencies issued 28.2% of all data requests in 2023

Kraken received 4,923 data requests in 2023; the U.S. issued the most (1,393), as it did in 2022. The FBI, again, had the most requests of any U.S. agency (33.1%):

2023 ..

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