Airbnb Superhost Caught Filming Guests using spy-camera

An Airbnb’s ‘super-host’ has been caught filming his guests with a hidden camera in the bedroom's internet router in east China. According to the reports of the South Morning China Post, a woman who goes by the online name Yunfei paid $250 to spend her three nights in a flat Shandong province. As she works in information security, when she entered the flat found motion sensor at the entrance and she came to know that there is something suspicious. She started investigating, after checking the TV and smoke detectors for hidden cameras, router caught her attention, and it looked unusual to her. She compared the router to a photo of the same product online and it was clear some modifications had been carried out. Unscrewing the case revealed a hidden camera mounted and facing the bed, while a memory card was hooked up for recording the footage. 'As soon as I started removing the screws, I knew something was wrong - the screws were very lose,' she told reporters.She immediately informed the police about the incidence. Police quickly tracked down the flat owner, who had been filming his guests since March this year, the report said.The unnamed host was fined 500 yuan (£56) and sentenced to a 20-day detention for invasion of privacy. Airbnb has apologised for the incident and removed the  host's flat immediately  from its home-sharing platform.

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