A Laptop With 6 Of The Most Destructive Malware Threats Ever Is Up For Auction

The malware filled laptop is a collaboration between performance artist Guo O Dong, known for putting a hipster on a leash, and cyber security firm Deep Instinct. On a base level the goal, if we believe light grey text on a white background, is to sell this malware infused laptop under the blanket of art for academic purposes. Deep Instinct tells me that while the malware already exists or existed on the web, this laptop is totally secure and it isn't releasing them, just parking them on an air-gapped laptop. "I created The Persistence of Chaos because I wanted to see how the world responds to and values the impact of malware," Dong tells me via email. Deep Instinct is using the malware as an example of the past, a past that nearly brought the connected world to its knees, while itself representing the future of malware and virus protection. As the auction price of this malware filled laptop rises (which you can watch live here) so does the tension of the realization that this stuff still exists, persists and will continue to do so as long as we have computers, phones and any other device connected to the internet.

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