4 Information Security Slipups From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ to Avoid in the Enterprise

The sophomore season of “Star Trek: Discovery” beamed and streamed its way to critical acclaim this year, praised by viewers and reviewers alike for improved writing, interesting characters and a unique take on the classic Star Trek mythos. But the tech-driven science fiction series also offers an interesting perspective on information security and data protection: Even in the 23rd century, organizations are still making critical missteps when it comes to basic cybersecurity hygiene.

So let’s break it down: Where did Star Trek’s information security go so badly? What does our vision of evolving technology say about the security of today? And even if Star Trek isn’t part of your cultural lexicon, how can companies avoid these four common cybersecurity missteps and help future-proof IT operations?

1. Where Starfleet Stumbled on Artificial Intelligence Monitoring

The Non-Trek Takeaway

In the show, our ragtag band of heroes on the run encounters a rogue artificial intelligence (AI) threatening the galaxy. Originally helpful — and analogous to the increasing use of AI to help under-resourced security operations stay ahead of emerging threats — the AI goes off the rails and ends up doing more harm than good. That’s what happens when AI falls into the wrong hands: Companies could be exposed to AI-enhanced attacks, AI-based threat frameworks and adversarial attacks designed to subvert helpful AI algorithms.

The Trek Enthusiast Evaluation

In season two, episode nine, the Discovery crew learns that Starfleet’s threat assessmen ..

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