Cyber Threat Maps

Cyber attack maps provide some awesome details on current cyber attacks in real time.  This information is more than just eye candy and it gives situational awareness on current cyber attack trends. 

Here is a quick list of cyber attack threat maps.  If you feel we missed one, please let us know!


The Radar Console is CND's cyber threat intelligence - a correlation of technical intelligence with open-source intelligence to build a cyber security context around existing or potential threats. Even though it may look simple, it definitely packs you with a punch of information.


Kaspersky Lab cyber attack map is just beautiful... so beautiful:


Deteque botnet threat map, reminds me of a war game, so many dots. MORE DOTS!:


Fortinet live cyber attack map is smooth and clean and as a bonus, shows current day and night zones (not sure if this is a bonus but it is something a little extra):


FireEye real-time cyber attack map, feels like a dream or a nightmare depending on who you are:


Bitdefender live cyber threat map is pretty clean and fun to watch:


Threatbutt... I really do not know what to say about the name but the map feels very old school, in a good way.


ThreatCloud live cyber threat map is clean and quick.


Akamai threat map is displays information about regions with the most web attacks.


Arbor Networks DDoS Threat Map uses over 400+ ISPs and data is updated Hourly