‘Zoom account suspended’ phishing scam aims at Office 365 credentials

‘Zoom account suspended’ phishing scam aims at Office 365 credentials

The phishing scam targets victims by claiming that their Zoom account has been suspended.

Microsoft enamors 44 million daily active users due to the global pandemic. Not only this but in the last month, daily users have jumped a whopping 70 percent and have gone up to 75 million active users. Whereas, Zoom on its run to ensue transparency, claims ‘300 million daily Zoom meeting participants worldwide’.

The pandemic has shifted organizational dynamics to digital platforms. Social distancing has led to an uber need to integrate tools with office teams using cloud applications.

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Besides this, pertaining to the coronavirus situation and looming uncertainty, businesses have started to adopt digital tools to resume operations. Which is why video conferencing apps are in greater demand than ever.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella states:

‘We saw more than 200 million meeting participants in a single day this month, generating more than 4.1 billion meeting minutes. Teams now has more than 75 million daily active users, engaging in rich forms of communication and collaboration, and two-thirds of them shared, collaborated, or interacted with files on Teams.”

However, since the use has surged worldwide, instances of cyber-attacks have profusely increased as well. Employees are working from home and have switched to video conferencing for meetings, emitting vulnerability for hackers to target them.

Both Microsoft 365 and account suspended phishing office credentials