With the rise of digital economy, organizations urged to up cyberthreat intelligence

With the rise of digital economy, organizations urged to up cyberthreat intelligence

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India is witnessing exponential growth in the adoption of digital technology across sectors and institutions, enabling a large number of people to avail themselves not only of services and conveniences but also governance solutions. Digital adoption has been the hallmark of COVID-19 times, and one of the key sectors to have created value through the use of technology in the financial sector, making sure that business continued as usual.

However, the rise of digital has also been accompanied by the growing need for cyber threat intelligence and protection, to proactively minimize risks and ward off cyberattacks. Threat intelligence is about identifying and analyzing cyber threats targeting a business. IT specialists use sophisticated tools to read threats and analyze them, applying historical knowledge to identify a real threat apart from one that is not, and then applying a solution to mitigate it. The better and more comprehensive the tool, the more robust is threat intelligence.

While enterprises and institutions are waking up to the actual scale of dangers posed by weak cybersecurity systems targeting not only finances but also user data, Kaspersky, a global cybersecurity company, has urged players to take speedy steps to strengthen their cybersecurity systems as the only way to protect not only their funds and data but also their reputation and the consumer’s trust in their ability to service them.

This need to step up cyber threat intelligence was the key insight shared by the company at a recent event hosted virtually on 24th September. The event featured a virtual game night that allowed participants to become ‘cyber detectives for a day. Through the game, they understood the various key risks facing businesses and the solutions available to mitigate them.

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