Why E-Commerce Security Matters Now More Than Ever

Why E-Commerce Security Matters Now More Than Ever

In February 2020, the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon, fended off the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in history. As peak traffic volume hit 2.3 Tbps, e-commerce security experts declared this attack as “a warning we should not ignore.” 

DDoS attacks are nothing new. Every day, security teams deal with these malicious attempts to overwhelm their companies’ websites with bot traffic. In the last year, the landscape shifted in favor of attackers, as many companies switched to a remote working model. For instance, 95% of IBM staff currently works remotely. Also, increased social distancing drives more people to shop online. 

Now, the internet is thriving with new opportunities — for businesses and threat actors. Explore common e-commerce security threats and see how your company can safeguard against future DDoS attacks.

Growing Threats to Retail Cybersecurity

In the U.S. and Canada, there has been a 129% year-over-year growth in e-commerce sales. This surge in sales is a double-edged sword for retail businesses. 

Just as they have a bigger platform to grow their business, they are also thrust into the spotlight in front of threat actors. 

Retail Security Threats: More Powerful DDoS Attacks

In 2000, 15-year-old Michael Calce, known by the online alias ‘Mafiaboy,’ launched one of the most signif ..