Why Closing Cybersecurity Skill Gap Topmost Priority For IT In 2020 - Inc42 Media

Why Closing Cybersecurity Skill Gap Topmost Priority For IT In 2020 - Inc42 Media

Industries across avenues are witnessing an extraordinary cybersecurity skills gap. It is estimated by ISC2 that there will be 4 Mn vacant cybersecurity posts by 2021. The recent years have stood witness to a series of high-profile cyber-chasms and security breaches which lay bare before us top-ranked classified data, leading to a multi-million dollar worth of losses.

The importance of cybersecurity in such volatile and tremulous times cannot be stressed enough. Every day, organizations cope with and suffer due to the dearth of adept cybersecurity personnel and the mandatory expertise needed to counteract cyber attacks.

Even if the breach is realised, the counterforce teams are often found to be lacking in both experience and knowhow. The want of readiness and risk mitigation stares us right in the face. Therefore, it is extremely important that the cybersecurity team in any organization has the required experience in addressing such threats.

State of the art cybersecurity providers nowadays edifies and empower company security teams by actively engaging them in a simulated hyper-realistic cyber-onslaught within a virtual SOC. Perhaps, the inclusion of such novel techniques will impart experiential learning and prepare young professionals to deal with worst-case situations using the “muscle memory” they develop with regular practice.

Times Of Uncertainty

Our present deficiencies may very well become our future incapacity. The competency of contemporary cybersecurity ecosystem comes under serious questioning as across the multiple industrial vistas, cybersecurity remains largely disparate, owing to the stark contrast that arises between the various fronts.

There are those who can tackle the plethora of cyber threats that always loom in close proximity and there are also those who cannot. The reasons are ..