When it Comes to Securing Your Environment, Think Like an Attacker

Cybersecurity Teams Need Actionable Insight Into the Latest Techniques, Tactics and Procedures Being Used by Cyber Adversaries 

We will soon be entering a new decade of the cybersecurity battle, but many of the same challenges remain. Organizations continue to face threats from all angles, security postures haven’t evolved to be more predictive and proactive, and there are still too many underutilized point security tools that require too much manual effort from understaffed and overburdened cybersecurity teams.

This battle may be over before it begins if we don’t start thinking like an attacker. Highly sophisticated and motivated attackers research and analyze their target’s entire environment before launching an attack.

To execute an attack more effectively and efficiently, attackers use automation and machine learning (I recently read an article that noted how attackers are using AI algorithms to send spear-phishing tweets six times faster than a human and with twice the success). Once attackers gain initial access, they escalate privileges to move undetected while extracting critical data and compromising systems. Often this access is sustained through the deployment of malicious programs that allow the attacker to gain future network access at will. Tipping the scales to the defender’s advantage requires a change in the way cybersecurity teams think about securing the environment. Rapid detection and response mapped to the cyber kill chain must be augmented with predictive and proactive defenses to better control the environment.

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