What’s New in InsightAppSec and tCell: Q2 2021 in Review

What’s New in InsightAppSec and tCell: Q2 2021 in Review

If there’s a theme to InsightAppSec and tCell updates and improvements in the second quarter, it would be “save time by building it into the process.” Building a more efficient process is key in further securing web applications.

Can you get it done faster from home? Or do you get to the win faster with an in-person team? Do those expensive express lanes work? Or are they just as clogged with traffic as the regular lanes? The world is constantly looking for faster, but the question to ask: is the “fast” also smart? Let’s take a look at InsightAppSec Q2 releases that we think will help you be both.

Identify. API. Scan by.

That last one was just to make the entire headline rhyme. However, the new features and functionality below can (mostly) be grouped into these 3 categories.

Simplifying access to complex apps

You can now get into modern applications faster with “Automated Login.” InsightAppSec enhanced the automated authentication process to go beyond simple HTML forms to include applications built with rich user interfaces. To achieve a more accurate and efficient login process into these applications, InsightAppSec interrogates the web application, using javascript to identify login pages, complete credential fields, trigger login action, and return a confidence score.

Plus streamline automated login with the new “Verify Credentials” feature. Save time and reduce configuration friction to the process by verifying you’ve entered the correct username and password during/early in the scan configuration.

Investing in API enhancements

New API features for both tCell and InsightAppSec create additional checks and balances as well as new avenues fo ..

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