What MyFitnessPal Knows About You | Avast

What MyFitnessPal Knows About You | Avast
Emma McGowan, 23 February 2021

MyFitnessPal generally uses data to deliver the services they’re promising — with a few exceptions

I use very few apps every single day. Instagram tops the list, followed by Twitter — and then MyFitnessPal. I started using the food and calorie-tracking app at the end of last year, when I wanted to get more serious about my health. You know, after six months of pandemic-induced stress eating and drinking.
I respond well to lists and tracking, which is why I love my Fitbit so much. (Fun fact about me: I tracked how much I was drinking in a Google Doc for two years. Yup, I’m that person.) So for this What Does the Internet Know About Me?, I fearfully dipped my toes into the MyFitnessPal Privacy Policy. Here’s what I found.
What MyFitnessPal tracks
I primarily use MyFitnessPal as a food and calorie tracker, so here’s what I’m tracking: 
Foods I eat, including
Meal times
Location and zip code
Time zone
Email address
Full name
Photo (if you submit one — I didn’t)
Steps taken/exercise (from connecting Fitbit)
And while I’m not tracking the following, MyFitnessPal does let users track: lifestyle (e.g. sleeping habits), life events, fitness goals, measurements, fitness level, heart rate, sleep data, BMI, biometric data, and similar types of data relating to phy ..