What Happens to Information After a Data Breach?

We’ve grown accustomed to it by now — a few million accounts broken into here, another hundred million there. After a company data breach, what happens to all the data? Where does it go? And how does this impact your vulnerability analysis?

In June 2020, stolen Facebook user data suddenly popped up for sale on an online forum. By April 2021, a massive data set of 500+ million Facebook profiles became free for download. After making some cash, cybercriminals often give away data hauls to boost their egos and popularity.

This breach affected up to 20% of Facebook’s users. The leaked data included user mobile phone number, Facebook ID, name, gender, location, relationship status, occupation/employer, date of birth and email addresses.

That’s a lot of info to be giving away for free. This makes big data security more critical than ever.

Have I Ever Been Involved in a Data Breach?

You can easily check if your email has been exposed. I have an old Yahoo! email, so I checked it on the have I been pwned site. It told me my email has been pwned in data breaches nine times.


It gets worse. In the explanation section about each breach, the first one reads like a horror story. This email has actually been involved in 2,844 Unverified Separate Data Breaches. In February 2018, a huge collection of almost 3,000 alleged data breaches was found onl ..

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