What are 10 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes in 2023 | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

By Rahul Mahna

In 2023, the cost of cybercrime reached a whopping $8 trillion. Experts expect cybercrime costs to businesses to increase to $10.5 trillion over the next two years.

Cyber breaches cost businesses thousands of dollars each year, often due to common cybersecurity mistakes.

Luckily, preventing these common mistakes is simple. If businesses do not have the skills internally, they can work with an outsourced managed IT service provider to safeguard their networks, applications and other digital assets.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten most common cyber threats and mistakes impacting businesses in 2023 to give businesses a running start.

1.  Relying on Antivirus Software Alone

Antivirus solutions have been the gold standard in cybersecurity for many years. This technology scans company files for known viruses. Some antivirus products also feature malware threat response services.

However, as cyber criminals’ tactics have evolved, so have the technologies used to stop them. While they are still helpful for modern businesses, a business’s cybersecurity strategy should not rely on antivirus software alone.

For example, endpoint detection and response (“EDR”) and extended detection and response (“XDR”) are solutions to detect potential threats. They offer an automated response, to protect businesses even after hours.

2.  Not Understanding Risk Profiles

Businesses may think an IT breach will not happen to them. In fact, cyberattacks happen all the time. They may not even know that a hack has happened in their workplace until it is too late.

This is why it is so critical for businesses to understand their risk of breaches. Doing a risk analysis can show where their IT security strategy is working and where it needs work.

Understanding risk profiles can help businesse ..

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