Weekly Threat Briefing: APT Group, Malware, Ransomware, and Vulnerabilities

Weekly Threat Briefing: APT Group, Malware, Ransomware, and Vulnerabilities

The various threat intelligence stories in this iteration of the Weekly Threat Briefing discuss the following topics: APT, Conti Ransomware, Cryptominers, Emotet, Linux, US Election, and Vulnerabilities. The IOCs related to these stories are attached to the Weekly Threat Briefing and can be used to check your logs for potential malicious activity. Figure 1 - IOC Summary Charts. These charts summarize the IOCs attached to this magazine and provide a glimpse of the threats discussed.

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China’s ‘Hybrid War’: Beijing’s Mass Surveillance of Australia and the World for Secrets and Scandal

(published: September 14, 2020)

A database containing 2.4 million people has been leaked from a Shenzhen company, Zhenhua Data, believed to have ties to the Chinese intelligence service. The database contains personal information on over 35,000 Australians and prominent figures, and 52,000 Americans. This includes addresses, bank information, birth dates, criminal records, job applications, psychological profiles, and social media. Politicians, lawyers, journalists, military officers, media figures, and Natalie Imbruglia are among the records of Australians contained in the database. While a lot of the information is public, there is also non-public information contributing to claims that China is developing a mass surveillance system.Recommendation: Users should always remain vigilant about the information they are putting out into the public, and avoid posting personal or sensitive information online.Tags: China, spying

US Criminal Court Hit by Conti Ransomware; Critical Data at Risk

(published: September 11, 2020)

The Fourth District Court of Louisiana, part of the US criminal court system, appears to have become the latest v ..