Weak Cybersecurity Hurts Your Business. Here's How to Save It. - Entrepreneur

Weak Cybersecurity Hurts Your Business. Here's How to Save It. - Entrepreneur

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If you were to ask five random strangers from different walks of life what the major threats to the future of small businesses are, you're likely to get similar answers. The potential responses would likely include rising inflation and possible recession, job market volatility, the speed of technological advancement, supply chain issues and more.

The real question is, what insidious threat is far too often shunted to the back burner, passed on to the next operating budget? What issue is left to address when revenue is on the right trajectory, inventory is viable, growth is stable and scaling up is starting to take shape?


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Ignoring the warnings is the easy — and shortsighted — path for SMBs

Ignoring the gravity of cyber threats is a dangerous gamble. The risk is undeniable:

  • 61% of small businesses suffered a cyber attack in 2021

  • Small businesses account for 43% of all data breaches

  • More than half of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack close within six months

  • Acknowledging the harsh reality the majority of individuals choose to ignore is a crucial stepping-off point. A true understanding of the situation results in knowing what protective measures must be taken. Creating and implementing
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