Warning issued over scams touting fake COVID‑19 vaccines, asking for Bitcoin

Warning issued over scams touting fake COVID‑19 vaccines, asking for Bitcoin

Money doesn’t buy you happiness – cryptocurrency doesn’t buy you a genuine COVID-19 vaccine

Interpol and the United States’ Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) have joined the chorus of warnings about online campaigns peddling bogus COVID-19 vaccines as cybercriminals are increasingly attempting to exploit nations’ vaccination programs.

“With criminal groups producing, distributing, and selling fake vaccines, the risks to the public are clear: these can include buying a product which not only does not protect against COVID-19, but poses a serious health hazard if ingested or injected. Such products are not tested, regulated or safety-checked,” reads the alert.

Indeed, COVID-19 vaccines are subject to strict scientific and regulatory practices and are only distributed and administered by national healthcare providers. Therefore, if you stumble upon an offer to purchase them online rather than obtaining your shots from your healthcare provider, you’ll most definitely be ordering a fraudulent product.

To be sure, campaigns involving all sorts of fake promises around COVID-19 cures and vaccines are by no means new. “From the very beginning of the pandemic, criminals have preyed on people’s fears in order to make fast cash. Fake vaccines are the latest in these scams, which is why INTERPOL and HSI are warning the public to be extra vigilant,” said INTERPOL chief Jürgen Stock.

While fraudsters initially swamped the internet with various coronavirus-themed scams, including by impersonating the World Health Organization and creating fake marketplaces to peddle high-demand low-su ..