Want to turbo-charge your cybersec skills? It’s time to put yourself on the SPOT

Want to turbo-charge your cybersec skills? It’s time to put yourself on the SPOT

Promo Working in cybersecurity means always keeping your skills bang up to date. But what are your options when the challenges of blocking out time for traditional in person training are compounded by pandemic-related restrictions?

Virtual training is an excellent alternative, but sometimes your schedule means even that is just not possible. When it comes down to it, the best training format is the one that gives you the depth you want, and the hands-on experience you want, at precisely the time you want. In which case, SANS OnDemand might be just what you need.

SANS Institute has been delivering its top notch security training on an on-demand basis for some years now, giving both seasoned and newbie security pros a way to get the training they want at a time and a pace that works for them.

But it has now added another layer of flexibility, in the shape on the SANS OnDemand app for iOS or Android. So, you really can access content wherever as well as whenever you want. And with the ability to download content – as well as rewind and replay and pickup on another device – you can even study when Wi-Fi or wireless is less than optimal…with a little planning of course.

Right now, over 55 of SANS’ Cyber Security training courses are available via OnDemand, with more being added all the time. The lineup includes four brand spanking new courses: Cloud Security Essentials; Public Cloud Security AWS, Azure and GCP; Digital Forensics Essentials; and Purple Team Tactics – Adversary Emulation for Breach Prevention and Detection.

Once you sign up for a SANS OnDemand c ..