Wake Me Up Before You Know Know … About the Latest Third-Party Data Breach

Wake Me Up Before You Know Know … About the Latest Third-Party Data Breach

“It has gotten to the point, unfortunately, where they are so frequent and common these days, that it’s like, here we go again,” Christopher Sitter says when I asked him about the prospect of a third-party data breach.

Sitter is the senior director of information security at Juniper Networks. He manages all things incident response-related — cyber forensics, electronic discovery, data loss prevention, governance, privacy and security operations. Sitter is no stranger to managing third-party software risk. Attackers have targeted suppliers for years, although according to Sitter, the recent uptick in headline-grabbing breaches has shifted executive and board-level conversations. Instead of cybersecurity leaders reaching out to executives with the hopes of gaining more budget for their programs, executives are now reaching out to security leaders, inquiring if their IT teams are using the latest compromised third-party software.

I spoke with Sitter about the shift in executive focus and the overall increase in the likelihood of a third-party data breach.

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Executives See The Perils of a Third-Party Data Breach

Question: Your point about how executives are now coming to security leaders versus the other way around is interesting. Can you elaborate on the types of conversations you are having?

Answer: While third-party software breaches are nothing new, the recent uptick has grabbed the public’s attention, which includes executives and board members, because they are feeling the impact. Every time a new breach makes headlines, I receive calls from ..