UK goes back to square one on Huawei as Johnson promises to re-examine 5G access

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to be re-examining Huawei's involvement in UK 5G networks from 'square one'

The UK's policy on Huawei in 5G networks is to be re-considered following talks between US national security advisor John Bolton and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

That's according to Bolton himself, who claims that British officials have pledged to re-examine the user of Huawei in UK 5G networks from "square one".

Bolton has been in the UK for talks this week over the US policy on Iran, the emerging situation in Hong Kong, Brexit, as well as to pressure allies in Europe over Huawei.

The US has threatened to cut allies out of intelligence-sharing arrangements if they allow Huawei hardware to be used in 5G networks. The US claims that the Chinese communications hardware vendor cannot be trusted due to its close ties to the Chinese state.

Huawei claims that it is owned by its trade unions, but in China trade unions are ultimately controlled by the state. 

"They [UK officials] said, in particular, they are looking really from square one on the Huawei issue. They were very concerned about not having any compromise in security of telecommunications in the 5G space," Bolton told reporters, according to the Financial Times.

He continued: "What they said was ‘we would like to review this and be very sure about our decision and we too are concerned about the security of our 5G telecommunications network'."