Twitter Names Hacker Mudge Head of Security | Avast

Twitter Names Hacker Mudge Head of Security | Avast
Avast Security News Team, 20 November 2020

Plus, TikTok adds tougher parental controls and TCL found to have weak security

CEO Jack Dorsey has tapped Peiter Zatko, otherwise known as famed white-hat hacker “Mudge,” as the new head of security at Twitter. Zatko is undergoing a review period for 45-60 days before assuming full control of the platform’s security, which encompasses a range of needs. Reuters reported that Zatko said he will examine “information security, site integrity, physical security, platform integrity – which starts to touch on abuse and manipulation of the platform – and engineering.”
Known for his creativity when it comes to security, one of Zatko’s proposals is to confuse bad actors by manipulating the data they receive back from Twitter about how people interact with their posts. Another idea is to force people to understand long threads of conversation before allowing them to participate in it. Twitter seems to be welcoming the new ideas. “They’re willing to take some risks,” Zatko told Reuters. After an early career working on special government projects while also hacking Microsoft in an effort to get them to reinforce their security, Zatko went on to work with the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research and Projects Agency (DARPA), Google, and payment system Stripe before accepting his current position at Twitter.
TikTok introduces tougher parent controls
Popular video sharing app TikTok has upped its parental controls to give guardians more choices when it comes to placing limits on their children’s accounts. Previously, TikTok’s parental controls allowed guardians to set limits on time, content, and private chat use. New features added just this week include ..