TrustArc Celebrates Data Privacy Day

TrustArc Celebrates Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day (or Data Protection Day, if you are based in Europe) is upon us! Every year on January 28th, we take this time to create awareness about the importance of data privacy, keeping data safe and enabling trust. We take being a Data Privacy Day Champion seriously, and are proud to spread the #privacyaware message.  

The topic of data privacy continues to evolve as privacy regulations are introduced, established, and enforced. With an increased focus on consumer rights around the world, regulators and consumers are proactively and constantly monitoring organizations’ ability to safely handle the data they have on individuals, while properly managing data subject rights. Companies now more than ever have the powerful opportunity to prove themselves as a privacy-forward business by being proactive instead of reactive. 

While there’s many ways to celebrate Data Privacy Day, TrustArc is honoring the day by providing resources that help businesses stay informed on emerging trends and best practices.

Serious Privacy Podcast

Last year, TrustArc celebrated Data Privacy/Protection Day by launching the Serious Privacy podcast with hosts K Royal and Paul Breitbarth. The podcast features open, unscripted discussions with global privacy professionals working on the front lines of data privacy. Season one covered a wide range of topics, such as COVID-19 privacy implications, developments with the EU Schrems-II decision, “sharenting”, and careers in privacy. Season 1 received wide recognition and gained popularity among not only privacy professionals, but also IT, cybersecurity, and business professionals. Season 2 is shaping up to be even better, kicking off with a very special guest. 

EU Privacy Update: What to Watch for in 2021 Webinar

To recognize Data Privacy Day this year, we are excited to bring you a trustarc celebrates privacy