Top Security Trends Driving Threat Detection and Response Priorities Today

Top Security Trends Driving Threat Detection and Response Priorities Today

The threat landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace, and organizations need security solutions that can keep up. A modern SaaS SIEM is built in the cloud, provides extended coverage across diverse data sources, and leverages automation to expedite response and containment, making it a great tool to help combat these complexities and stay ahead of attackers.

Our recent webcast, “Security Trends Driving Threat Detection & Response Priorities Today” calls out key challenges security teams are facing today and how a modern SaaS SIEM approach can help. See below for the highlights, and check out the full webcast here.

The significant increases in remote work and cloud application adoption over the past year have only expedited growth for the already fast-growing security landscape. This acceleration is bringing new security challenges. Not only is there now more to keep track of and monitor, but security teams are often left trying to monitor modern environments with outdated security tools. And, even if an organization does have newer security tools, they’re generally scattered point solutions, making it so teams have to constantly context-switch and jump in and out of multiple solutions to get a full picture of their environment.

A SaaS SIEM can help by ingesting and analyzing diverse data sets. Its cloud foundation allows teams to keep pace with accelerating change within complex environments. And, with all of their critical security data within one solution, organizations have correlated insights from across their environment without needing to go in and out of multiple tools.

Insider threats continue to rise

security trends driving threat detection response priorities today