Threat Source newsletter (Sept. 19, 2019)

Threat Source newsletter (Sept. 19, 2019)
Newsletter compiled by Jon Munshaw.

Welcome to this week’s Threat Source newsletter — the perfect place to get caught up on all things Talos from the past week.

We’re all still trying to shake off the summer. Gone are the early Fridays, beach vacations and days by the pool. Turns out, attackers may be brushing the same things off. The ever-present Emotet went quiet over the summer, but it’s back now with a slew of new campaigns. While this may sound concerning, the same protections and coverage you’ve always used will keep you safe.

And, speaking of things that won’t stay down, cryptocurrency miners still aren’t going anywhere. We've discovered a new threat actor we’re calling “Panda” that is rapidly spreading miners, even as digital currencies decline in value.

This was also a busy week for vulnerability discovery. We’ve got three new vulnerability spotlights out: the Aspose PDF API, Atlassian’s Jira software and the AMD ATI Radeon line of graphics cards.

We also have our weekly Threat Roundup, which you can find on the blog every Friday afternoon. There, we go over the most prominent threats we’ve seen (and blocked) over the past week.

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