Threat Source newsletter (March 26, 2020)

Threat Source newsletter (March 26, 2020)
Newsletter compiled by Jon Munshaw.

Welcome to this week’s Threat Source newsletter — the perfect place to get caught up on all things Talos from the past week.

Just because we’re all still working from home doesn’t mean you can stop patching. We’ve been busy this week with a new wave of vulnerabilities we disclosed, including in Intel Web Raid Console, Videolabs and GStreamer.

If you’re looking to fill some silence at home or just want to hear a friendly voice, we’re still uploading new podcasts every week, so subscribe to Beers with Talos and Talos Takes on your favorite podcatcher.

And, as always, we have the latest Threat Roundup where we go through the top threats we saw — and blocked — over the past week.

Upcoming public engagements

Event: “Everyone's Advanced Now: The evolution of actors on the threat landscape” at Interop Tokyo 2020Location: Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, JapanDate: June 10 - 12Speakers: Nick BiasiniSynopsis: In the past, there were two clear classes of adversary an enterprise would face: sophisticated and basic. These basic threats were commodity infections that would require simple triage and remediation. Today, these commodity infections can quickly turn into enterprise-crippling ransomware attacks, costing organizations millions of dollars to recover. Now more than ever, organizations need every advantage they can get — and threat intelligenc ..