Threat actors launch one malicious attack every minute

BlackBerry’s inaugural Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report highlights the volume and model of treats across a range of organisations and regions, including industry-specific attacks targeting the automotive and manufacturing, healthcare and financial sectors.

In the 90 day period between September 1 and November 30 2022, BlackBerry says it stopped 1,757,248 malware-based cyberattacks. This includes 62 unique samples per hour, or one sample each minute. The most common cyber-weapons used in  attacks include the resurgence of the Emotet botnet after a four-month dormancy period, the extensive presence of the Qakbot phishing threat, which hijacks existing email threads to convince victims of their legitimacy, and the increase in infostealer downloaders like GuLoader.

“Annual threat reports have been a fantastic way to provide insight into overall trends, but now more than ever, organisations need to make well-informed decisions and take prompt effective actions, using the latest actionable data,” said Ismael Valenzuela, Vice President, Threat Research & Intelligence at BlackBerry. “Our public and private reports are written by our top threat researchers and intelligence analysts, world-class experts that not only understand the technical threats but also the global and local geopolitical situation, and how it affects organisational threat models in each region. This expertise allows us to provide actionable and contextualised threat intelligence to increase cyber resilience and to enable mission and business objectives.”

Other revelations from the report include:

MacOS is not immune. It is a common ..

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