The New Cybersecurity Executive Order

The New Cybersecurity Executive Order

The Biden Administration’s new Executive Order on Federal Cybersecurity underscores a growing understanding of cyber vulnerabilities and IT’s vital role in every Federal program and mission. The EO outlines a number of actions, including a significant directive for the Department of Homeland Security to develop a federal cloud security strategy that moves the federal government closer to a true centralized enterprise model based on the principles of zero trust.

We had Cloud First, and then Cloud Smart. The new Executive Order moves us into the era of Cloud Secure.

Under the new EO, CISA will develop a federal cloud service governance framework; CISA and FedRAMP will together establish a framework to coordinate and collaborate on cybersecurity and incident response activity related to cloud services.  

And, the new EO includes steps to ensure new levels of software supply chain security -- requirements Zscaler already meets -- that collectively will reduce risks to federal programs, infrastructure, and national security.   

We are encouraged to see the focus on developing cloud security strategies, technical reference architectures, cloud governance security frameworks. Additionally, we strongly agree that zero trust is a critical and urgent need for effective cybersecurity in the face of evolving threats.

It is also critical that we embrace the important cloud security frameworks that FedRAMP and CISA have built, including the Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) 3.0 guidance, as they will shepherd us into the new Cloud Secure era.

Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange is a powerful tool for agencies as they move forward with their zero trust plans, supporting efforts to work-from-anywhere and access data from anywhere, whether in a sanctioned or unsanctioned environment by securely connecting users, devices, and application ..

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