[The Lost Bots] S02E04: Cyber's Most Dangerous Game — Threat Hunting

[The Lost Bots] S02E04: Cyber's Most Dangerous Game — Threat Hunting

Welcome back to The Lost Bots! In this episode, we dive into one of our favorite topics: threat hunting. It's a subject we've talked about before, but this time, we're focusing on the practical side of getting your threat hunting efforts up and running.

Our hosts Stephen Davis, Lead D&R Sales Technical Advisor, and Jeffrey Gardner, Detection and Response Practice Advisor, give us the basics of what a threat hunting hypothesis is and what makes a good one. They talk about the importance of ensuring your hypothesis is both observable and testable. They also cover the differences between intelligence-driven, situational, and domain expertise hypotheses, and explain how to actually put these concepts into action when engaging in cyber threat hunting.

Check back with us on Thursday, October 26, for our next installment of The Lost Bots!

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