The iPhone will be the future of proving our identity, online and offline

The iPhone will be the future of proving our identity, online and offline

We’ve seen some baby steps towards using our iPhone for proving our identity. But a couple of recent developments point to a future in which an iPhone – plus biometrics – could let us use our phone as a single means of verifying our identity, both online and in face-to-face interactions.

In all, Apple provides support for four initiatives which I think provide a clear pointer to a future in which the iPhone will be our one-stop device for ID …

Proving our identity with an iPhone

Apple currently offers support for four separate initiatives:

  • Mobile driving licences

  • Password-less login via Passkeys in the Cloud

  • Student ID

  • Captcha bypass

  • Each of these form some early stepping stones to what will eventually be a world in which our iPhone will be the primary way in which we prove our identity, both online and offline.

    Mobile driving licences (mDL)

    Back in June of last year, Apple announced its plans to allow state ID documents like driving licences in the Wallet app.

    To be fully free of your physical wallet, there’s one more thing we need to bring to iPhone. And that’s your ID. So we’re bringing identity cards to Apple Wallet. This fall, you’ll just scan your drivers license or state ID in participating US states. It’s that easy. Your ID information is now in Wallet. Encrypted and stored in the Secure Element, the same hardware element technology that makes Apple Pay private and secure.

    The company said that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would be climbing aboard, a ..

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