The Importance of Training Your Sales Team | Avast

The Importance of Training Your Sales Team | Avast
Avast Business Team, 23 January 2020

Six ways investments in training will deliver value for your managed services business

In today’s competitive business environment, gaining (and maintaining) a competitive advantage providing managed IT and security services is challenging. Commoditization continues and margins are smaller than ever before. Competitors are constantly seeking new ways to innovate and streamline the cybersecurity buying experience, customer demands and preferences continue to shift, and the dynamics of the cyber landscape keep everyone on their toes.
The battle can be won — by tapping the power of your sales team. A solid sales team is the lifeblood of your company and the bridge to your customers. One of the ways you can utilize them to grow your managed services practice is by ensuring they are properly trained. Arm them with the skills to anticipate market changes and customer needs, and they will seize the opportunities. The better your salespeople are trained, the stronger your business is going to be.
Here are the top reasons why you should invest in a good training program (and your people): 
Trained salespeople = more sales
More sales means a bigger bottom line. Yet, more than 60% of salespeople say selling is harder or much harder today than it was five years ago. 
That’s where training plays a critical role, especially in the business of cybersecurity. A well-trained salesperson will be able to better influence potential and current customers, by knowing how to best approach them, discuss their needs, and offer just the right solution(s). Simply put, they will perform better. They’ll also have more confidence in their sales tactics and strategies, and provid ..