The Best Of Black Hat And DEF CON 2019 | Avast

The Best Of Black Hat And DEF CON 2019 | Avast
Jeff Elder, 14 August 2019

Get key info now that the dust has settled in Las Vegas after cybersecurity’s big summer conferences

If you didn’t go to the Black Hat or DEF CON cybersecurity conferences last week in Las Vegas, we’ve got a quick summary of some of the best stories, presentations, social media, and just plain weirdness.  
The big story
Millions of Windows users may be vulnerable to a design flaw in drivers made by 20 manufacturers, Eclypsium researchers said in a presentation. (Drivers connect the operating system in a computer with the hardware components.) The issue even involves the Windows kernel – the key computer program that connects all the others – at the very heart of the operating system. The researchers said drivers were all from trusted vendors, all signed by trusted certificate authorities and all certified by Microsoft. Microsoft responded that “In order to exploit vulnerable drivers, an attacker would need to have already compromised the computer.” Read more from Bleeping Computer and PC Mag.
The big theme
There were multiple presentations and news articles about vulnerability in Apple products, which have always been considered more secure than competitors. In one of the most impressive demos, Google Security Engineer Natalie Silvanovich showed how she partially seized control of an iPhone just by sending it text messages. Read more from PC Mag.  Apple black avast