Technology and the New Frontier of the Healthcare Industry (The Internet of Medical Things)

Technology and the New Frontier of the Healthcare Industry (The Internet of Medical Things)

The New Face of Healthcare

Healthcare is currently undergoing a digital transformation that rivals the development of autonomous vehicles in the automobile industry. In fact, there are connections between improved healthcare and autonomous vehicle development. Digital transformation is a buzzword that evokes many grand ideas. In healthcare, one article succinctly articulated it: “Digital transformation in healthcare is the positive impact of technology in healthcare”.

Some of the positive outcomes of digital transformation in healthcare include the rise of telemedicine, the development of internet-enabled medical devices, and medical practice and education via virtual reality technology. These developments are enhanced by the emergence of 5G technologies, bringing real-time care into sharp focus. This is an extraordinary convergence of technologies. With these intertwined technologies, one must consider the security and privacy implications. A trained healthcare security practitioner is best suited to meet these challenges.

Obvious Risks

As with all internet-connected devices, it is easy to contemplate the obvious risks of remote access by malicious actors. The ability to disrupt or terminate the normal operation of an implanted device is more than a serious concern; it is a life and death concern. The ability to remotely control a moving automobile on a highway is dangerous, but the ability to interrupt a medical device is perilous.

As more medical and therapeutic practices embrace mobile technology, the risks associated with mobile device management become foremost in a medical setting. A healthcare security and privacy practitioner must ..