Struggling with cybersecurity lingo as a Project Manager?

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Are you currently working as a Technical Program Associate in a cybersecurity team and wondering whether to pursue a project certification or a cybersecurity certification first? You've come to the right place for guidance!

In this video, we address your dilemma and provide recommendations based on your current situation. It seems like you have a good handle on running sprints and small projects, which suggests that a project certification might not be your immediate priority since you're already familiar with the techniques and tools required, including report and dashboard creation.

However, your struggle lies in understanding cybersecurity lingo, especially when engaging with cybersecurity professionals who effortlessly discuss terms like IDS, IPS, HIDS, MAC filtering, and more. Don't worry; many have faced similar challenges. Jason shares his own experience of transitioning between different branches of the military and encountering unfamiliar acronyms and terms.

To overcome this hurdle, Jason suggests a couple of valuable approaches. Firstly, keep a notebook handy and jot down unfamiliar terms during meetings. You can also discreetly ask a colleague for explanations or clarifications. However, if you're finding cybersecurity lingo to be a significant obstacle, he recommends pursuing the Security+ certification.

Even if you don't obtain the certification itself, going through the Security+ course will introduce you to all the essential terms and concepts. Alternatively, for those who are brand new to the cybersecurity field and need an introduction to the language, Jason mentions the newly released course by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) called Security Essentials. This course covers about 40% of the content found in Security+ and provides insights into firewalls, privacy maintenance, anonymity, cookie tracking, and internet ad tracking.

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