Starting Your AI Security Journey With Deep Learning

You’ve probably heard how using artificial intelligence (AI) can improve your cybersecurity — and how threat actors are using AI to launch attacks. You know that you need to use the same tools, if not better ones. AI security is about having the right tools, but also about having the right information. 

But you aren’t sure where to start your AI security journey, and you aren’t alone. Many business or agency leaders are in the exact same place and have the same questions.

I’ve talked with many companies that are in various stages of the AI journey. And I’ve seen firsthand that, for many, deep learning is a good first step toward using AI-based security.

Is Deep Learning for Security the Same as AI Security?

Yes and no; deep learning is a type of machine learning. And yes, machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence. The goal of AI, whether that’s AI security or otherwise, is to mimic the human brain. When you read or watch information on a topic, you learn more about that subject. Then, you can better make logic-based decisions and predictions.

As a human, there is a limit to the amount, speed and complexity of the information you take in. But AI engines can process much higher volumes, at faster speeds. AI trains itself by consuming data from both structured and unstructured sources and then uses reason to make suggestions. And as quantum computing becomes more common in the coming years, AI will become even more powerful.

How Is Deep Learning Different From Machine Learning?

They are similar, but each type of AI is better suited for different t ..

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