Special lecture on cyber security & digital economy held at CUO - Update Odisha

A special lecture on “Cyber Security and Digital Economy-its Implications” was organized by the Department of Economics, the Central University of Odisha in physical mode.

Pandit Rajesh Uttamrao, IPS, DIGP (South Western Range), Koraput was the distinguished speaker for the programme. Prof. Sharat Kumar Palita, Vice Chancellor I/c of the University inaugurated the programme and delivered the inaugural address. He briefed about the importance of cyber security in the present digital world. He also appreciated the efforts of faculties and students of Dept. of Economics for the conduction of this seminar.

Dr Minati Sahoo, HoD, Department of Economics started the program by delivering the welcome address. She also introduced the topic by briefly explaining the strengthening of the Digital Economy by cyber security and its relevance in the era of digital transformation. This was followed by the address given by Prof. Asit Kumar Das, Registrar, CUO who talked about cybersecurity challenges in a growing economy. Prof. Das said that, as economies shift to digital models, threats can quickly outpace traditional approaches to data security.

Nowadays many people have been victimized by cybercrime and this happens due to a lack of digital knowledge and ignorance of cyber security.

Pandit Rajesh Uttamrao, Chief speaker of the occasion emphasized how people are victimized by cyber frauds by giving live examples of cyber victims in his lecture. Cyber threat has become a challenge to tackle. He talked about various cyber-crime methods. The major cyber risks for a nation encompass cyber espionage, organised crime in cyberspace, hacktivism, and cyber terrorism. To control cyber-crimes, people must be aware of cyber security.

He advised not to give any information to any unauthorized person over the phone but rather ask him to write an email. He sugg ..

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