Spam and phishing in Q1 2021

Spam and phishing in Q1 2021

Quarterly highlights

Banking phishing: new version of an old scheme

In Q1 2021, new banking scams appeared alongside ones that are more traditional. Clients of several Dutch banks faced a phishing attack using QR codes. The fraudsters invited the victim to scan a QR code in an email, ostensibly to unblock mobile banking. In actual fact, scanning the code resulted in a data leak, money theft or device infection, if it contained a link to a web page with malware.

To lure users to their sites, phishers exploited the COVID-19 topic. In particular, in a newsletter purporting to be from the MKB bank, recipients were asked to catch up on the latest news about the pandemic and measures taken by the bank. The link pointed to a fake Outlook authorization page.

This past year, cybercriminals have actively exploited the topic of government payouts, most often in relation to damage caused by the pandemic. In Q1 2021, scammers imitating bank emails began to focus on compensation. The links in their messages took the victim to a well-designed phishing pages with official emblems, business language and references to relevant laws. The attacks were mostly aimed at stealing any card details and personal data.

However, users of specific banks ..

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