SolarWinds hackers accessed source code of Azure, Exchange, Intune

SolarWinds hackers accessed source code of Azure, Exchange, Intune

The US has blamed Russia for attacks carried out by SolarWinds hackers. previously reported that SolarWinds hackers infiltrated Microsoft’s systems, and several source code repositories were accessed. At the time, the tech giant claimed that hackers couldn’t modify the code or systems.

SolarWinds Saga Continues…..

In its latest report, Microsoft confirmed that SolarWinds hackers accessed the source code of three of its products, namely- Azure (its cloud computing service), Exchange (its mail and calendar server), and Intune (its cloud-based management solution). 

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The company now claims that the attacker could access just a small fraction of files. However, it also stated that the hackers used search terms that indicate they were trying to find company secrets.

Microsoft Confirms Customer Data is Safe

Microsoft has completed its investigation and confirmed that the hackers couldn’t obtain customer data. Furthermore, the company claims that they couldn’t find any evidence that hackers attacked other victims using its systems during their investigation.

SolarWinds- US’s Digital History’s Worst Breach

SolarWinds saga will go down in history as the worst ever data breach. In this wide-ranging hacking spree that began in Oct 2019 and was first reported by FireEye on 13 Dec 2020, the distribution system for a commonly used Orion network-management software from SolarWinds was compromised.

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