Shifting To A User-Focused Security Model | Avast

Shifting To A User-Focused Security Model | Avast
Katherine Little, 21 April 2021

Now's the time for businesses to make the move away from outdated security models

In the first installment of this series, we focused on why traditional security solutions and methods are unable to address the new problems facing the modern SMB. In this article, we will take a look at new trends and predictions for 2021, examine why SMBs need to replace their outdated security models in light of these trends, and discuss how the drive towards converged cloud services gives MSSPs new opportunities to embrace ongoing revenue from cloud-based solutions.
Trends and predictions for 2021 and beyond
2021 is a time for SMBs to recover, adapt, and evolve. They will move beyond reactive mode to focus on empowering and operationalizing their remote workforce. Cybersecurity must be quicker, smarter, and more reliable than ever before to enable and empower SMBs to tackle the new challenges they face in 2021 and beyond:
The remote workforce is here to stay
With millions of people now working remotely, statistics show that both employees and SMBs are ready for the “new normal” to become the “normal.” Empowering and securing this growing remote workforce will be a top priority for SMBs.
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Companies will continue to accelerate digital transformation
SMBs will foc ..