Russian Security Vendor Positive Technologies Dropped From MAPP Member List

Following sanctions announced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury last week, Russian cyber-security firm Positive Technologies says the  accusations are groundless.

The sanctions were announced against six Russian companies and 32 individuals and entities who the U.S. believes help Russian intelligence to conduct cyberespionage and election interference activities. The Biden administration also expelled 10 Russian diplomats.

Positive Technologies, one of the sanctioned organizations, says it has thousands of customers in 30 countries, including large banks and telecommunications companies, but also lists on its website the Russian government as being one of its customers.

The company has, for a long time, been a member of Microsoft's MAPP vulnerability information sharing program, but following the sanctions announcement, Microsoft removed Positive Technologies from the MAPP member list.

One of the fastest growing companies in the cyber-security field, Positive Technologies has had the Russian government as a client for nearly as long as its 20 years of operation. However, with over 1,100 employees, the company now serves government agencies of different countries worldwide.

“Over the last five years, our average growth has been 41 percent. We have been regularly rated by international research and advisory agencies as one of the fastest growing visionary companies that develop security and vulnerability management solutions,” the company notes.

Positive Technologies also points out that it is focused on improving cyber-security around the world, regardless of geopolitical situation, and that it is also open for international cooperation. Its market valuation, the company says, demonstrates high interest in its technologies and the level of trust that customers place in it.

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