Russian Attack On Undersea Energy Infrastructure Means Businesses Should Prepare For More Infrastructure Attacks (including Space and Undersea comms)

Bob Gourley 2022-09-28

Russia’s sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines in the Baltic were probably done for many reasons. Just prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine they conducted tests of space based attack systems. Now they have shown they can attack undersea system and will do so when they want.  For planning purposes we can assess the attacks were done to signal that Russia does not care about EU as a market so no sanctions can be levied that will matter. The attack also signals that Russia does not care about the environment, which may be a signal that they would not care in the least if nuclear fallout from a tactical nuclear weapon against Ukraine blows over Russia. The attack also distracts resources from the EU to deal with and will be a distraction.

There are other messages as well. This attack, although done in a way that allows Russia to lie and say it was not done by them, is a clear message that they will attack any infrastructure they want, including undersea systems like energy pipelines but also undersea communications cables. It also shows the risk of attacks against space based infrastructure have grown.

This is where your action comes in.

If you are a planner or decision-maker in any business in the free world you need to revisit your threat models. It is time to assess how your business will survive and thrive in an age where critical infrastructure like undersea fiber optic communications is at ..

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