Rik Schoonis Is Joining Heimdal™ Security’s Executive All-Star Team as Country Manager for Netherlands

Rik Schoonis Is Joining Heimdal™ Security’s Executive All-Star Team as Country Manager for Netherlands

Copenhagen – October 23rd, 2020 – Heimdal™ Security (HEIMDAL) today announced its executive team has expanded even further to include a new cybersecurity superstar, Rik Schoonis. Heimdal™ Security is ramping fast in multiple key regions, so to further empower their global pace, they have appointed Rik Schoonis as Country Manager for the Netherlands.

Rik will be responsible for all operations of Heimdal™ Security within the Netherlands and the connected markets (the entire BENELUX region). He will focus on expanding the proactive and innovative Heimdal™ Security portfolio further into the Dutch market. His coming on board will actively accelerate the setout market focus and drive in the gravitating market around the unique Heimdal™ Security offerings.

Here is more about the experience and valuable professional insight into our new Heimdal™ Director.

Rik Schoonis, Country Manager Netherlands: “I’m truly excited to be part of joining the Heimdal family, as continuity, scalability, and security have been the recurrent theme throughout my professional career. The Heimdal Security portfolio brings these pillars together as one. Creating a merge of conviction and drive that contributes to the overall cause that is securing digitalizing organizations and their employers in a pro-active way and arming them with solutions. This is truly where the Myth meets reality.

I’m looking forward to fueling the Heimdal™ Security ambitions, and I consider my knowledge of the Dutch market in regards to the end-user & partner landscape as a valuable asset. The entire Heimdal Security portfolio appeals and exeats the modern business needs and challenges in regards to optimizing business continuity.”

Morten Kjaersgaard, Heimdal™ Security CEO: “The Dutch region is a valuable asset in regards to the overall Heimdal™ footprint. As our focus has been on bringing innovative high-end security solutions to the market globally, now is the time ..