Reaching Strategic Outcomes With An MDR Provider: Part 3

Reaching Strategic Outcomes With An MDR Provider: Part 3

This is the third in a five-part blog series on managed detection and response as it drives strategic security outcomes for businesses.

In this multipart blog series, we’re exploring how effective managed detection and response (MDR) services help organizations achieve their goals. MDR services can lead to four key strategic security outcomes:

Align your security strategy to your business
Protect your digital users, assets and data
Manage your defenses against growing threats
Modernize your security with an open, multicloud platform

In part 1, we discussed alignment. In part 2, we discussed protection. Here, we take a look at the management side.

MDR Services Help Face Growing Threats

Like any military leader will tell you, your defenses are only as good as your visibility. A good MDR services provider should do more than just threat detection, prevention and response; they must help you manage your environment better.

Asset Inventory

For threat management to be effective, it’s essential to know and understand your assets, as well as their relative importance to your line of business. The Center for Internet Security recommends a baseline hardware and software inventory as one of the most basic controls. As noted in the first installment of this series, prioritizing which assets are most important is key. This directly impacts which alerts should get attention first and which hosts should get the most aggressive protection policies. MDR services can help with this. 

Prioritizing your most important assets also helps you figure out how you should orchestrate your response playbooks. An alert on a server is mor ..

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