Reaching Strategic Outcomes With a Managed Detection and Response Service Provider: Part 2

Reaching Strategic Outcomes With a Managed Detection and Response Service Provider: Part 2

This is the second in a five-part blog series on managed detection and response as it drives strategic security outcomes for businesses.

In this multipart blog series, we’re exploring how an effective managed detection and response (MDR) service helps organizations achieve their goals. Specifically, we’ll examine them through the context of four key strategic security outcomes:

Align your security strategy to your business
Protect your digital users, assets and data
Manage your defenses against growing threats
Modernize your security with an open, multicloud platform

In part 1, we discussed alignment. Today, we’ll discuss protection.

Protect Your Digital Users, Assets and Data

Protection is about stopping attacks, but is more than just preventing malicious activity. With MDR, protection consists of a number of essential building blocks. Together, these ensure threats are not only prevented, but also that the security team can detect and respond to them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Managed Detection and Response With Custom Threat Intelligence

For protection to be effective, we must first be able to detect threats often. These days, almost all endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms come with some form of next-gen antivirus functionality that leverages both classic atomic indicators and behavioral detection capabilities to trigger security alerts. When the risk of false positive alerting is sufficiently low, alert generation can include automatic prevention as well.

While default EDR detections are a good baseline, consider them a starting point. No two groups are alike, and having more threat intelligence and customized detections improve your chances of detecting threats. They also limit false positive noise from taking up valuable analysis time.

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