Rapid7 Introduces AI-driven Cloud Anomaly Detection

Rapid7 Introduces AI-driven Cloud Anomaly Detection

It’s that time of year again! AWS Re:Invent, Amazon Web Services’ annual mega-conference will soon kick off in Las Vegas and there are sure to be a ton of new cloud security innovations unveiled throughout the week. From a Rapid7 perspective, we’re launching an exciting new capability - Cloud Anomaly Detection.

Now available in early access for Rapid7 customers, Cloud Anomaly Detection helps security teams detect unknown threats in their cloud environments that traditional rule-based detections miss, and with more precision to avoid excess noise and false positives.

Leveraging AI to Find a Needle in the Haystack

Detecting malicious activity in cloud environments poses a formidable challenge in cybersecurity due to the inherent speed and complexity of the cloud. Cloud infrastructure is dynamic, with constantly changing virtual assets, which makes it hard to pinpoint and respond to threats effectively. The complexity of cloud configurations, the transient nature of assets, and the vast data generated can obscure malicious activities, necessitating advanced monitoring and analysis tools.

Additionally, the unique cloud threat landscape, the different dynamics of detection and response compared to traditional IT environments, and the multiplicity of stakeholders involved further complicate the security landscape. Cloud incident investigations are often hindered by inefficient data access and a lack of context for affected cloud assets. This complexity, combined with a skills gap and the ongoing transition to cloud technologies, makes cloud security particularly challenging.

For some time now Rapid7 customers have benefited from the ability to ingest native threat detections from cloud providers and consolidate them into a single place. Cloud Anomaly Detection represents a significant leap forward adding native threat detections fueled by Rapid7’s proprietary AI detection engine to analyze control plane API activity and surface anomalous behavior ..

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