Quantum Cybersecurity: Addressing the Boogeyman in the Room

Quantum Cybersecurity: Addressing the Boogeyman in the Room

Duncan Jones, Head of Cybersecurity for Cambridge Quantum, recently spoke with Fierce Electronics about quantum cybersecurity and where it’s headed. In the interview, Duncan referred to quantum as “a boogeyman for cyber,” but said “it’s also going to help us as well.”  

With rapidly advancing technology, as many as 80% of cyber pros believe that quantum computers will become powerful enough over the next few years to break current encryption methods. For organizations looking to prepare for the threat of quantum and figure out the best path forward, Duncan will be presenting on how to protect your organization against threats to encryption – before “Q-Day” arrives.  

In his upcoming (ISC)² SECURE Webinar, The Threat and Promise of Quantum Cybersecurity, Duncan will cover  

The history of the quantum threat to modern-day encryption 
Adversaries’ current strategy of “hack now, decrypt later" 
NIST algorithms and quantum-proof key generation 
How to ensure a timely integration of solutions 

Speaking to Fierce Electronics, Duncan said “We’re in a position where the world has never been more in need of a foundation for protection.”  

Join us virtually for this exciting session on Monday, 25 April at 1:00 p.m. BST (8:00 a.m. EST) for The Threat and Promise of Quantum Cybersecurity. Registration is open now and priced at U.S. $99 for (ISC)² members. Plus, use the code SECURE22 at checkout and get an extra 20% off! You’ll earn 1.5 CPE credits when you attend ..

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