Public Administration Allocates 121 Million Euros To Strengthen Cyber Security In The Public Sector - Nation World News

During the first half of the year, investment in cyber security by public administration represented 5.18% of total public investment in technology.

In what sense, José Andrés Jiménez Martin, Head of Technical Advice at the Congress of Deputies He explained that “the current regulatory framework for public procurement is not very well adapted to the problem of cyber security, which is a highly changing environment and in which the evaluation of technology and services is highly complex and time, quite difficult to objective. However, it can be said that the position of cyber security in public administration is relatively good, with a solid strategic backbone implemented by the CCN-CERT and the National Security Plan, with an ecosystem of cyber security technologies that make it possible to achieve a reasonable Builds a degree of digital sovereignty”.

related to most active public body, on this occasion, has been the General Secretariat of the Digital Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, with three contracts totaling EUR 44.06 million; AENA, with three projects, for an amount of 19.7 million euros; and Madrid City Council’s IT, which signed a contract worth 9.24 million euros.

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Most Outstanding Projects

To understand better, These donations have been invested in the development of various projects., First, a Cyber ​​Security Operations Center for General State Administration and Public Bodies has been created and implemented for the General Secretariat of Digital Administration, which has been awarded an amount of 38.34 million Euros to UTE Telefónica Soluciones and Indra Soluciones.

Second, the amount AENA. 16.85 million euros in government and cyber security campaigns for, UTE Inetum Spain, Telefónica Soluciones and Telefónica de E ..

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