Practice Social Media Safety to Protect Both Personal and Enterprise Data

Practice Social Media Safety to Protect Both Personal and Enterprise Data

When it comes to social media safety, users are often unaware of the ramifications of their online posts. Many don’t realize they may be putting their personal data — and, by extension, their company’s data — at risk. While you may not be dealing directly with your customers, you’re only one step away from your clients on some social channels, and many organizations have spent a lot of time, money and effort to create brand loyalty through those channels.

Social media should be fun. We shouldn’t have to be so careful about what we do and say online, but cybercriminals aren’t going anywhere, and social media presents a natural gateway for bad actors to get what they want.

“I Thought That Was Safe to Post”

In many cases, there are common social media mistakes that employees don’t even realize they’re making. For instance, what if you’re taking a team selfie in the boardroom at the end of a strategic meeting and there’s information from a projector up on the whiteboard? Patrick McBride, chief marketing officer for ZeroFox, has more than two decades of cybersecurity experience and has heard many nightmarish stories about social media posts gone awry.

“With these posts, you could be inadvertently giving away confidential plans, financial information or other intellectual property,” he said. “Those kinds of things happen all the time.” Any information traditionally considered personally identifiable information (PII) is fodder for bad guys to monetize, McBride warned.

“Things like your Social Security number, your age, where you grew up, your mother’s maiden name and date of birth should be kept priva ..