Positive View of Cybersecurity Professionals And How To Attract People to the Field

Positive View of Cybersecurity Professionals And How To Attract People to the Field

The cybersecurity profession is suffering from a peculiarly positive perception problem: People outside the industry view the job with such high regard that it seems beyond their reach as a viable career option for themselves.

The newly released 2020 (ISC)² Cybersecurity Perception Study, which polled 2,500 people across the U.S. and the U.K. who are not working in the cybersecurity field, found that the traditional image of cybersecurity professionals as mysterious characters working in the shadows has been replaced by one of smart, talented people and the “good guys fighting cybercrime.” It’s a welcome change for those in the industry who work every day to protect organizational data and keep us safe.

The reason for the reticence in joining the field revolves around perceived barriers of entry. Respondents believe the technical skills needed are beyond their reach and require further education.

Not for Me

A solid majority of study participants (71%) say they view cybersecurity professionals as smart, technically skilled individuals. Other characterizations by respondents include “good guys fighting cybercrime” (51%), people who “keep up us safe, like police and firefighters” (35%), and “heroes” (9%).

The overriding attitude of study respondents toward cybersecurity jobs can be summed up thus: “It’s a good career, just not for me.” The study shows that 69% of respondents feel that way.

Why not? For 61% of respondents, it’s because they believe they would need more education or to earn a certification before getting a cybersecurity job. Even though 29% of respondents say they are considering a career change, they are not interested in cybersecurity because they believe it would require too much technical knowledg ..

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